I couldn’t wait any longer! Here’s a preliminary list of 2014 Maybash bands!!!

In no particular order…

Real Knives
Droids Attack
Kill Junior
Underground Day One
Sexy Ester
I am Dragon
Dr. Noise
Lords of the Trident

4 Aspirin Morning
Chaos Revolution Theory
Whisky Pig
Government Zero
Something To Do
Rictus Grin
Wall of Funk
More bands on the way!!

We’ve got a few surprises waiting for you too ;)

Maybash Banner


I smell a Maybash lurking just around the corner…

Family Portrait 2013 webAs winter slowly fades away, reveries of Memorial Day Weekend camping adventures with 500 of our best friends slips into our libidos. The Maybash crew has been working hard to put together this year’s lineup, which will pay off soon. We have some returning Maybash veterans and a slew of newcomers as well, not to mention a few tricks up our sleeves! Party Olympics is in the works, and we should be seeing the return of Po’ Boys for food, beverages, ice and firewood, and preorders for shirts, hoodies and invitations will be up soon!

Think happy Maybash thoughts, it’s almost here my friends….


IMG_2277I know it’s been quiet lately, I’ve been positively overloaded with work, touring, and the many bands that submitted to play. I just want you to know we’re still busting ass and we’ll have a lineup for you soon!

44 days until Maybash 2014!

Maybash 2014 underway!

The crack team of village idiots are back at it again to get things rolling for Maybash 2014! Fumbling about on the interwebs to somehow bring this orbital chaos down to Earth and set it loose at Maybash…

For all you bands out there, we’ll begin accepting submissions very soon, get your music and videos uploaded so we can access your shit online. In the meantime, give us your thoughts on bands you’d like to see and shit you’d like to do for the Party Olympics.

Stay warm this winter with thoughts of Maybash 2014 and all its succulent debauchery!!