Maybash News

Punchstarter SUCCESS 3

Thanks to you, Maybash is fully funded!

35 Supporters. $2184. 5 Days left for the Punchstarter. 32 days until Maybash 2016! As of 1pm today, Maybash has been ...
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Official Maybash Lineup FEATURED

The Official Maybash 2016 Lineup

One of the most difficult tasks I'm faced with every year is assembling the Maybash lineup. We receive interest from ...
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Crowdbash design becums 2016 Maybash shirt in landslide victory for Ellie Maybe

Congrats to Ellie Maybe (Smelly Baby)! Her 'Crowdbash' design dominated in a landslide death match in the design contest, landing ...
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Punchstarter: Maybash 2016

WTF is this “punchstarter” thing?

Raised of $2,000 Goal

It’s just like a Kickstarter campaign, except the chunk of your money that would normally go to Amazon, supports Maybash and its many performers instead.

Go on…

Every year, Maybash is host to over 20 bands from around the area, performing for about 400 Maybashers. We ask each of our guests for a $30 contribution to get the bands some gas money and to help us cover the costs of the P.A., groundskeeping, trash, and pumping your turds out of the porta-potties. While you will always be able to contribute to Maybash when you arrive, advanced contributions help us raise much-needed funds we’d otherwise pay for out of pocket.

So, to those of you who contribute to Maybash in advance, we want to say thanks with a custom sticker just for you, because you make Maybash happen! Everyone who contributes to Maybash between now and May 1st receives one of these to slap on whatever the fuck you want:

A special sticker just for you!

What else you got?


Some people have inquired about straight up contributions with no reward, so look no further. Simply click to donate and select how many dollars you wish to contribute to Maybash with the Quantity. Oh, and even though you selflessly donated to Maybash with no desire for a reward, you still get a fucking sticker. Love you…


Invitations are extended to our guests with a $30 contribution to Maybash. We can only invite 500 guests with the amount of space we have available, so please do not buy all 500 just to make it YOUR party 😉 Feel free to contribute for your friends too, but keep in mind all the invitations will be under your name.

The Maybash Family Portrait

Taken on Saturday afternoon by Chad Sutherland (Rise Up Lights Photography) immediately following the Party Olympics. Chad prints off a 5×7″ portrait with a frame that you can grab from him right after we take the photo! You can even get family portraits from previous years.


Available in sizes ranging from small to 3XL. The front side bears the infamous Maybash sign mounted above the stage that has lit the way for many a Maybasher. On the back, a list of performances from the weekend and the party’s closest partners. Limited extras of the tees will be available for purchase at Maybash.

Women’s Tank Tops

Available in sizes ranging from small to XL. Perfect for enjoying the onset of summer while accenting beautiful breasts! Guys, it’s a great win-win gift idea 😉 Tank Tops are ONLY available through this Punchstarter, we will NOT stock them for purchase at Maybash.

Zip-Up Hoodies

Available in sizes ranging from small to 3XL, with the Maybash sign emblazoned across its backside. These, too, are only available through the Punchstarter, they will NOT be available for purchase at Maybash.

Okay, I’m hard/moist, what else do I need to know?

The idea is to turn your money into the stuff you want and give it to you at Maybash. We’ll package your invitations, stickers, shirts, etc., and have them waiting for you at will call. However, shipping is an option for those of you who just want your stuff delivered instead, just click the reward and select the “ship it to me” option. We ship them out after Memorial Day Weekend.

The apparel designs posted here are placeholder mockups only, the graphic may (and likely will) change as we approach the deadline. Our creative team busts ass in their spare time to refine and optimize the look of these garments to your expectations. I promise we will keep everyone apprised to any changes and updates!

Lastly, a sticker is nowhere near enough thanks that we wish to express to everyone who takes part in this unbelievable, memorable event. I know I speak for every Maybash veteran when I say this is the one big party we get school-girl-giddy over year after year. Not only do we need your support raising funds, but also raising awareness of this campaign. Please help spread the word by sharing this punchstarter with any Maybash veterans or virgin friends that need to experience the party. Every penny and ounce of energy offered in support goes such a long way, so from the bottom of my twisted little heart, I thank and wank you for all that you do to make Maybash what it has becum.


(mā-baSH) n. A place where friends gather for 3 days of camping, music, and boobs.

Since 1989, Maybash has been a party where friends unite for a rare weekend, taking refuge from the daily grind and setting the bar high for summer. We camp for three days and three nights, each one thick with everyone’s favorite local music and the scent of bonfire at the heart of each tent city.

Maybash is a private party held every Memorial Day Weekend near Rio, WI (about 45 minutes north of Madison). We have about 30 acres of land where guests can camp out for the weekend and enjoy the 20+ bands we host each year. All we ask of our guests is a $30 contribution to keep Maybash alive.

More Info

To contribute to Maybash and join us for Memorial Day Weekend, head to the store. There you can contribute online and we will hold an invitation for you. All guests must sign in when they arrive at the “Doghouse,” where you can pick up your invitation(s) and any preordered Maybash stuff like shirts and hoodies. Feel free to send us an email with any questions.

On Saturday afternoon we host the Party Olympics with TKO Tables, Purple Haus Brewery and Rökker Vodka! 16 teams of two compete in a party game elimination tournament for the gold medal as party masters.

Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drink to Maybash but we do not serve alcohol on the property. Food, ice, firewood and non-alcoholic drinks are provided on-site.

No guests under the age of 21 are permitted at Maybash, including children accompanied by a legal guardian. This is an adult party, inappropriate for children and we will be checking ID’s upon entry. Although we are dog lovers, we cannot permit dogs at Maybash either–in the past dogs have been left unattended or have run off, so we just don’t want anything bad to happen.

Under NO circumstances are firearms or other weapons permitted at Maybash, though small knives and other utensils for camping and cooking purposes are fine. Fighting and stealing will NOT be tolerated and anyone in violation of these rules will have their invitation(s) rescinded and asked to leave the property.

Play Maybash

Band submissions are closed as of Valentine’s Day. Keep an eye out for the People’s Choice Polls, where you will elect five bands to play Maybash 2016

Party Olympics

On Saturday at noon we kick things off with the Maybash Party Olympics, where sixteen teams of two compete in an elimination tournament consisting of four events.

Pool Noodle Gauntlet

A free-for-all of epic proportions, the Pool Noodle Gauntlet has each team equipped with two beers and two pool noodles and each teammate bound together by a leg. You must disarm/spill/destroy your opponents’ beers to eliminate the other teams, while defending your own precious beers. 8 teams will claim victory and move onto the second event!

Bags. Bean Bag Toss. Baggo. Teammates trade off tossing bags to the opposing board. Land one on the board for 1 point, get one in the hole for 3 points, first team to 15 points wins. No cancellation point rules and you CAN exceed 15 points.
Human Hungry Hippos

Four teams are pitted in a quest to collect the most balls and the top two will move onto the final event. One person collects balls in their “mouth” (a laundry basket), while lying on a skateboard, the other maneuvers the skateboard holding onto the first teammate’s legs.

Drunk Jenga to be exact, except six feet tall… Teams take turns plucking blocks and carefully stacking them back atop the tower. Some of the blocks have rules and extra stuff for you to do written on them, per drunken Jenga protocol!

Signup for the Party Olympics will open up in April!